Rick Cabanes  started on Wall Street almost 30 years ago trading equity derivatives as a floor trader.  He began his career at one of the largest derivatives trading firms in the world Interactive Brokers then went on to trade specialized volatility strategies at hedge funds, eventually running the structured product business at Countrywide/Bank of America.  He spent 8 years underwriting structured debt deals for Bank Hapoalim, moving on to build the debt underwriting group at credit union focused institutional broker Stifel Financial and most recently worked at the bank centric investment bank Piper Sandler.

He was the founder and development lead for a premier structured bond trading platform – winner of MTN-i’s 2012 ‘Market Innovation’ award.  He also helped found, one of InStyle Magazine’s ‘Best of the Web’ choices in 2009.         


Over Rick’s long career of building models, creating scalable sales platforms, trading in almost every asset class and structuring products and transactions that seek to tease out risk and tailor returns – he has worked with all types of clients from banks, credit unions, municipalities, hedge funds, trust companies, advisory groups, private bankers, investment advisors, and family offices.  He has a firm understanding of the market structure for investment services and the market needs that each type of institution may be interested in. 

Rick holds FINRA Series 7 and 63 securities licenses, as well as the supervisory principal 24 license.  He also holds the Series 65 Securities Law License and serves as the firm’s CEO and Chief Compliance Officer.  He has an MBA from Loyola Marymount and a BA in Economics from UC Irvine.                


                Lucio Flores has been an avid technologist for over 3 decades. He started off in visual effects working at award winning agencies Digital Domain and Rhythm and Hues, writing tools for image compositing, fluid simulations, volume rendering, and fractal noise modeling. He was in the unique position of writing software and applying cutting edge techniques for many award-winning feature films. Lu’s IMDB profile shows off the major blockbusters that he helped bring to the screen as well as his work to help win Oscars for multiple films, including Titanic and the Life of Pi.


After leaving Hollywood, Lu co-founded trading research group Alapax where he created the trading infrastructure for an algorithm based trading system: creating trading rules and coding connections to ECNs to quote and process thousands of trades per second with a real-time order book and position tracking across dozens of symbols simultaneously. The proprietary stack included a QuickFIX server for executing orders across multiple exchanges.

Lucio was most recently at Google where in the last few years, by applying state of the art in cloud security and infrastructure, he has been helping the social media group expand their assets by introducing new ways to watch and share videos on the YouTube platform. 

Lu graduated from the University of Champaign/Urbana with a BS in Computer Engineering and has a Masters in Computer Science from UCLA.    



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Lucio Flores

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Rick cabanes

4th year PhD student at the University of California Los Angeles in the Statistics department.  Duncan is a researcher developing generative models for social network analyses. Interests include exponential random graph models, network generating processes and Bayesian network models.  Originally from the UK, and after finishing a Masters in Mathematics, he trained to be a pension actuary for two years focused on statistics and data analysis, which was practical background work that helped to build out the CleverAlpha investment algorithm.

A branding specialist with a broad digital execution background having worked on all types of cutting edge and market forward projects.  From large scale digital marketing and branding campaigns to tailored and targeted digital strategies, John has brought a unified approach and look to our template driven white labeled platform.